Digital Transformation with Biometric Signature Solution

Fast evolving technologies transform the lifestyle of individuals and business processes of enterprises. With this transformation, where digitalization takes the leading role, more and more data and process becomes digital with an ever increasing speed. On of the first steps for digitalization is the digitalization of paper processes. Techsign Biometric Signature solution helps enterprises complete this digitalization process by digitalizing signatures and paper processes. Techsign Biometric Signature also brings along different advantages such as increased security, decreased costs and faster business processes.

Step 1 Hand-Written Signature to Tablet
A PDF Document is signed by signer’s hand-written signatures using a digital medium such as phone, tablet or computer.
Step 2 Additional Evidence
Every additional evidence (such as biometric data, timestamp, location, IP information, photos, ID card, hand writing) can be embedded to the document.
Step 3 Sealed PDF
After signing, a sealed, secured document is created which can not be tampered.
Step 4 Finally Secure Files
The validity of the signature and additional evidences can be confirmed whenever necessary

Biometric Signature Properties

With Biometric Signature Technology, along with the image of the signature;

Spatial information,




Pen angle

can be captured. This biometric information is encoded and included in the document, and can only be opened in the case of a legal dispute.

Additional Evidence

  • Biometric Signature Data
  • Time Stamp
  • Location Info
  • One Time Password or Pin
  • E-Signature Certification
  • Signer's Photo
  • Handwriting
  • ID Card Photo
  • Information about the medium (Mac, IP etc)
  • Signer's Video


PAdES (PDF Advanced Electronic Signatures) standards, which are also used in electronic-signature laws, are used in biometric signature technology. This standards allow the documents to be signed and secured with an uniform methodology and allows for the detection of any tampering. This technology leverages on special algorithms designed for this purpose. Biometric Information and additional evidences are embedded to the document with special encoding.
When compared with traditional wet-ink signature processes, it is clear that biometric signature solutions are much more reliable since they allow for much more effective prevention of frauds. This also means more secure business processes and trade.

Why TechSign Biometric Signature Solution?

    1. TechSign Biometric Signature Solution ise completely developed by Techsign. We have the source code so we can offer tailored solutions that comply with customers requirements.
    2. You can use the biometric signature solution on “Cloud”, “On Premise” or with “SDK”.
    3. Our Verification Algorithms are faster than our global competitors.
    4. TechSign Biometric Signature solution works independently from device model or operating system.
    5. The solution was developed by leveraging Open API principles, so it can be integrated with any system very easily.
    6. TechSign solutions are developed according to (EU) No 910/2014 numbered European Union Regulation.

Area of Usage

Biometric Signature Technology; has become a technology that can be widely used in many sectors due to its singularity, permanence, universality, acceptability and performance gains.

Financial & Insurance Sector:

New account openings,
Consumer loan aggrements,
Insurance contracts,
Credit card applications,
Any cancellation forms

Health Sector:

Check-in, check-out forms,
Patient surgery permits...

Leasing/Renting Sector:

Real estate, car renting contracts,
Device leasing contracts,
hotel forms,
travel agency contracts...

Service Industry:

Electricity, Water, Gas Administration Contracts

Telecommunication Sector:

PSTN, Mobile,
Satellite Service Contracts

Logistic and Transportation:

Shipment and Delivery Forms...

Public Sector:

Municipality services,
ministry services,
population management services,
visa applications,
tax offices,