TechSign MultiFactor Authentication System (Fast Identity Online compatible)

is the largest international ecosystem of standard based, interoperable authentication solutions.

Better Security For Online Services

Reduced Cost For Enterprise

Simpler and Safer For Consumers

FIDO standards are managed by the FIDO alliance, which is formed in 2012 with the vision of eliminating security problems based on weak, password-based authentication infrastructures.

FIDO allows an easy and secure way of authentication, especially for online services.

FIDO UAF (Universal Authentication Framework)

Passwordless Authentication on Mobile Devices

The passwordless FIDO experience is provided by the UAF protocol. The user can register its device to the service by using a personal identification method such as fingerprint recognition, face recognition, voice recognition or a special PIN, according to the capability of the device and platform. UAF allows for managing the available methods centrally.

After registration, the selected recognition method can be used for authentication to the service. At this point, it is completely unnecessary to enter a password again. UAF also allows for joint operation of different recognition methods, such as fingerprint and face recognition.

Authentication Challenge

Biometric Verification

Authenticated Online

FIDO U2F (Universal Two-Factor Authentication Framework)

Two-Factor Authentication from Local Devices

The Two-Factor FIDO experience is provided by the U2F protocol. Using FIDO U2F, online services can add an additional protection layer to their existing login systems.

User continues using a username and password, as before. The service asks for the second factor authentication whenever necessary. This strong two-factor authentication methodology allows for using simpler passwords without compromising security. User can use the same FIDO U2F device for different services.

Second Factor Challenge

Insert Dongle + Press Button

Authenticated Online

FIDO2 U2F WebAuthn + CTAP

FIDO Web Experience Using Local Devices

FIDO2 Project is the collection of initiatives preparing an interoperable authentication standard for web browsers. It includes the WebAuthn protocol from W3C and the Client-to-Authenticator Protocol (CTAP) from FIDO Alliance. Thus, it allows for fast and easy login to online services with authentication on local devices.

Why TechSign MultiFactor Authentication System?

  • Stronger Security
  • Public/Private Key Based Security
  • Local Biometric Authentication on Device
  • Protection against Phishing and Man-in-the-middle attacks
  • Cost Advantage
  • Lower development and maintenance cost
  • Lower risk of data breach
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction with better UX
  • Better Customer Experience
  • No need for complicated passwords
  • Authentication with a simple gesture
  • Same device and recognition for different services
  • Easy and fast usage

En Areas of Usage

  • Employee, partner, supplier authentication
  • Payment systems
  • Login to online services
  • Remote access to desktop or mobile applications