Beyond the Encryption

Today, the majority of work flow is handled in digital platforms. And the digital part keeps growing. So information security is of critical importance.

The information security of institutions needs to be carried beyond the classical encryption methods which can not avoid personal misuse. TechSign uses state of the art technology in identity verification and increases your information security. TechSign promises you passwordles services, high information security and beyond:

  • High Security
    • PKI encrypting
    • Keys are hidden in device, passwords are not kept in server
    • Prevents phishing attacks
    • Prevents man in the middle attack
    • Biometric data does not leave the device
    • Third party protocols are not used
  • Customer Friendly There is no need to use complex passwords, the same verification can be used on different levels of the workflow. A customer friendly system that increases efficiency.
  • Low Cost Increasing the speed, decreasing the cost.