TEB Started Using Biometric Signature

Digitalization shows its impact in every part of life in full course. In the banking sector, where innovations and developments are experienced every day, the wet signature period is ending. Turkish Economy Bank (TEB) aims to preserve the nature and save of time with using "Biometric Signature" in its business processes

TEB has implemented "Biometric Signature" with TechSign, a Fintech partner from the startup ecosystem. Biometric Signature is a system, which increases the reliability of personal information due to the fact that it contains more data than the wet signature on paper. It also takes into the speed, acceleration, deceleration, suppression or retraction, rhythm and writing of signature.

TEB Private Banking Senior Executive Vice President Gökhan Mendi said "We encounter some obstacles in physical processes requiring wet signature. Printing, distributing, signing, collecting and archiving documents cause losing a lot of time for both the bank and the customers, And also these paper processes damage the nature. As TEB, we will take the lead in digital transformation for both a time-saving and a cleaner future. In order to increase productivity, we must make high-tech production and use of these technologies our strategic priority in the digital transformation of our processes. Our biometric signature project is a reflection of this strategic priority and an important step that we expect to be a role model in our sector."
Source of News : HaberTürk