• TechSign Biometric Signature:
    Sign the electronical documents by hand
    using tablets or computer pads.
  • Sealed Document:
    Real Document Security!
    Biometric siganture is attached to the document with all its biometric parameters:
    Document is converted to a signed and sealed PDF document
    Business life becomes digital. Take the first step by digitalizing your documents!
    Don't fall behind on competition.
  • Smart Card Technology in Identity Verification
    Smart Card Verification System
  • Meet the comfort of simplified, accelerated business processes.
  • The safest identity verification for online processing
    One Word: FIDO

Digital Transformation

Today, digital transformation is not an option, it is an obligation to catch the era.

For this transformation, transferring the data to digital platforms and keeping them safely is an initial move and "digitalizing documents with wet-ink signatures“ is the first step. This step is of huge importance for adapting your firm to the digital world.

The digital transformation of document processes reduces paper, print and storage costs. But these are only a small part of its advantages. Without the hassle created by paper documents, work environment will be more plain and efficient and customer satisfaction will increase.

About TechSign

TechSign aims to introduce its customers to the power of the digital age by providing safe and innovative solutions. These solutions bring efficiency, speed and convenience to business life and also a great advantage for competition

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TechSign Products

The power of technology is at your service

Biometric Signature Solution

Today, business life is digitalized with fast evolving technologies. Digitalization of documents is a huge part of this process. Your documents will be transferred to digital platform safely. Biometric signature brings along many advantages to the institutions. more

Biometric Signature Verification

Another advantage of TechSign biometric signature solution is that it has a simultaneous verification process. The signature is analyzed with multiple parameters at the same time. more

Biometric Signature Cloud

TechSign biometric signature and signature verification services are provided as a cloud-based Biometric Signature Platform with cost advantage and customer friendly implementation. more

Forensic Tool

Digital World means digital evidences. Biometric Signature Solution can provide these evidences by leveraging a strong forensic tool, whenever necessary. more

Smart Card Verification

Smart Cards present a new and practical alternative for ID verification. Our Smart Card Verification solution, suitable for Android and Windows platforms, can be used for this purpose. more

Electronic Signature

Electronic Signature Laws gives you the right to digitalize your signature. TechSign provides you with an end-to-end and easy-to-use electronic signature product. more

Customer Onboarding

Remote Customer Capture is as easy as face to face interaction with our Remote Know Your Customer Product. It is also fast and safe. more


“Fast Identity Online Alliance” is the biggest international ecosystem of standard-based, interoperable identity verification systems. It brings the safety, speed and cost advantages of biometric authentication to your online processes. more

TechSign Services

The power of technology is under your service

Paperless Processes

Switch to digital business world safely, with TechSign's paperless processes. TechSign presents integrated packages, which include biometric signature, electronic signature and identity verification solutions. And these packages are prepared by considering your needs. more

Passwordless Processes

Ready to meet advanced security solutions which are beyond passwords? The new generation security processes focus on eliminating security problems caused by traditional password policies and they are also fast and user friendly. more

Software Integration

TechSign gives high importance to software integration so customers can get high efficiency. A software package which fits your corporate infrastructure maximizes the benefits. more