Biometric signature & forensic tool

Digitize your business securely, quickly, and legally with a verifiable biometric signature solution; sign your documents securely from everywhere.

Sign securely from all devices with the biometric signature

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Forensic data
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Forensic evidence
Verifiable biometric signature is defined as "Advanced Electronic Signature" according to the European Electronic Signature Law.

Biometric signature technology stores the signing data in the signed document by embedding in pdf format. When it is needed by the court, this data can be brought from the document and used as forensic evidence.

Biometric signatures features

Signing with all devices
The biometric signature can be made using a pen or finger from any device with a touchscreen.
Document storage and tracking
Signed documents are stored securely, with additional info such as signing time, location, device info, signers name, etc...
Watch video
Immutable document
The signed document becomes a new pdf document with the added signing data. This new document is immutable.

Satisfied customers

We will reduce paper usage to zero by using Techsign's biometric signature solutions. We aim to digitalize the receipt signing process in every branch across the country.
"We have been using Techsign's biometric signature solution since 2019 in Ford Otosan branches in 8 different scenarios. With this technology, we support a more sustainable world and also improve our business processes."
Biometric signature
Biometric signature considers the biometric data of signature.
Biometric signature can be used as forensic evidence.
Techsign's biometric signature solution also provides document storage service.
The solution can be added to firms' own system with some APIs.
Digital signature
Digital signature considers only the image of signature.
Digital signature has lesser value as forensic evidence.
Document storage service is mostly not included.
Digital signature services are mostly used on cloud.


Is biometric signature safe?

Standards are the way to create secure solutions in the IT sector. Techsign's biometric signature follows these standards:
- ISO/IEC 19794
- PAdES (PDF Advanced Electronic Signature ETSI TS 102 778 and EN 319 142-1&2)

How can I be sure that my signature will not be transferred to another document?

Biometric data and document summaries are kept encrypted in the shared documents. Since the data is encrypted, malicious users can not open or steal the data. When they use the encrypted biometric data the document summary will not match, and the forgery will be easily detected.

Can I use biometric signature in different countries?

PAdES standard is valid on Europe. Techsign's biometric signature solution has this standard, so it can be used in Europe securely.

Which devices can I use?

You can use the biometric signature solution on all devices with touchscreens. Smartphones, tablets, and pc with touchscreen. The biometric signature needs the factors such as pressure, speed, and angle. So it can not be created by a mouse.

Can I see the signed documents with all pdf readers?

Techsign biometric signature follows the  ISO PDF standards. You don't need any other technology to see the signed documents. All pdf readers will work smoothly.

Can I adapt the biometric solution to my own system?

Yes. You can adapt Techsign's biometric signature solution to your system with a basic API. Techsign also provides you Whitelabel option.

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