Verify your customers through their fingerprints, iris, and voice. Login by unstealable biometric data.

Passwordless, fast and secure login

No more repeated, forgotten, or lost passwords
2 FA verification in one step
Automatic face and document capture
Video call and AI assistant bot

Frequently asking questions

How does FIDO store users' information?

Verifying end users' identities takes 60-90 seconds. The information screen between modules, videos, etc. determines this duration.

Can I access multiple sites with a single FIDO device? Are these sites aware of each other?

Yes and no. Even if you use a single FIDO device, each site has a separate registration process and therefore separate cryptographic keys. Even if you use the same FIDO device, these sites will not have information about each other.

What makes FIDO more secure?

FIDO is a two-stage security application. It simply uses "something you own" and "something you are" at the same time. If someone steals your identity and password information, he still will not be able to access your accounts, because they cannot pass this two-stage security. Similarly, stealing your device won't help either because they will still need your biometrics.

Can I access the same site with more than one FIDO device?

Yes. However, you must register each device on the site. The FIDO solution does not automatically register every device you use to access the site in order not to create security holes.

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