Know Your Customer  (KYC)

Onboard your customers remotely and securely. Protect your system from money laundering and fraud, by using custom made solutions shaped by your needs.

Protect your system from hackers

Biometric data verification
Document and ID card verification
Automatic face and document capture
Video call and AI assistant bot
Custom solutions for all needed ID cards and documents
ID card verification
Verifying different ID card types
Machine learning with National ID card
Comply with local regulations
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Secure and easy solutions for remote customer onboarding

Data storage in your local server
We use your local servers to store your data and finish the setup in one week at the latest.
High-technology fraud attempts can be prevented by high-technology solutions
The videos created by deepfake can not be identified with the human eye. Our technologies can detect even these high-tech videos with a 90% success rate.
User friendly technologies
Thanks to our homemade technologies, our customers' OCR and image-capturing processes are more fluent.
Our Catcher and Wordify technology
Different solutions
Succesfull Verification
NIST Certified Face Authentication Rate
Successful Intrusion Detection

Satisfied customers

With Techsign's KYC solution, our members' profiles are verified and guaranteed with high security.
Liveness test
"As pokus, we provide our customers a secure and user-friendly e-wallet experience with Techsign's end-to-end KYC solutions."


How long does it take to verify customers' identities by KYC?

Verifying end users' identities takes 60-90 seconds. The information screen between modules, videos, etc. determines this duration.

Where do you store my customers' data?

Techsign protects your data and does not share it with third parties. The processed data is stored in highly secured servers.

What is KYB?

Know Your Business is basically KYC for your business partners. To verify the suppliers, partners, vendors, and shareholders you are working with, the KYB process is very important.

Which documents can be used for ID card verification?

Considering your needs, national identity cards, driver's licenses, passports, residence permits, and temporary protection certificates can be used as ID cards.

How long does it take to adapt KYC solutions to my system?

Techsign KYC solutions can be adapted into your system with a couple of basic APIs in one week with a white label option.

What is the success rate of KYC solutions?

KYC solutions prevent 95%+ of the fraud attempts.

We can find the solution you need together.

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