Pay by Face

No more physical cards, no more sms confirmation. Get your payments by using face recognition. Increase data security and save time.
Secure payment, no password nor sms code
Payment with non-stealable biometric data
No physical card requirement
No SMS code
Fast and safe
Feasible for many different sectors
Pay-by-face can be used in many different areas, such as public transportation, car rental, online shopping, check-in processes, supermarkets, or cafes. It provides time efficiency.

Frequently asking questions

How does pay-by-face work?

While creating an account, the user introduces his face to the system
it introduces its face to the system as well as information such as credit card number, phone number, and e-mail address. At the payment, the user presents his/her face to the system. When the system recognizes the face as the account owner the payment is made automatically from the defined card.

What is the difference between payment by QR code and face?

To use a QR code, the user must have an active internet connection. If the connection is poor, it will create problems. But for pay-by-face, the user does not an internet connection.

Can someone misuse my card by using my photo?

No. Techsign's Pay-by-face solution doesn't make only face recognition. It also checks liveness. So your photos or videos will not pass the verification.

Where do you keep the users' biometric data? How do you ensure security?

Techsign's pay-by-face solution does not store your original biometric data, the system generates data from your face, and stores only these processed data. And This data is stored on local servers by changing algorithmically. It is not possible to get original biometric data from these processed data.

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